Roof Restoration

This is Why We Are The Best Roof Restoration Experts In Australia

Our roof restoration Australia based services can only be defined by one word; excellence. We believe that a roof is the first impression of any modern house, hence we do all it takes to make it count. A good looking roof will always make a home look modern, classy, and charming. It makes a house stand out among many. A good roof sets the pace for others to follow. On the flip side however, a faded, poorly maintained, or worn out roof makes a house look unattractive and old-fashioned no matter how beautiful its architecture is. A quality roof restoration gives a house a new appearance, giving it a notable transformation. If you are in the competitive real estate business, regular roof restoration can front you in the market hence enabling you to sell your attractive homes even faster.

If your home’s reputation is being ruined by an unappealing roof, we are here to help. We are Australia’s top roof experts, experienced with an array of roofing materials affected by the harsh Australian climatic conditions. We employ specialized techniques to replace or repair everything on your roof.

We diligently offer the following home restoration services;

Roof cleaning

A dirty roof can be disappointing. Not only does it give your house a shoddy appearance, but it also displays to the world what kind of personality you possess. A dirty roof worsens the condition of your roofing tiles, and may lead to costly replacements in the future. Our company uses pressure cleaning that will remove any kind of algae, moss, lichen, and dust. Our cleaning roof cleaning process will create a new, admirable look into your roof.

Regular Roof Inspection

Roof inspection is an integral part of any roof restoration process. The condition of your roof may not be determined by just looking at it. It requires regular professional inspection that will identify the smallest problems that can escalate into gigantic crisis. Our roof inspection covers all that is needed from identifying broken tiles, loose and broken gutters, damaged flashing, bending tiles, lichen, moss, to water damage and pointing tiles. Our inspection procedure is thorough and we will always recommend the best roof restoration service for you.

Re-bedding loose ridge caps

Ridge caps get damaged regularly and loosen roof tiles hence leading to uncontrollable leaking during Australia’s heavy rains season. In our company, we believe damaged ridge capping is the beginning of all roof problems, hence fixing them is our priority whenever we carry a roof restoration service. We do wholly re-pointing and re-bedding of all lose caps, thus ensuring any loose tiles are properly joined.

Element Protection

We believe mold, lichen, and fungi bring unwarranted dirt on your roof hence making it unappealing. We therefore provide effective element protection to your roof surface using an anti-fungal biocide that will prevent growth of these frustrating plants.

Effective Roof Coatings

Roof coating is the only way to ensure astounding durability and life-long Australia’s harsh weather protection. We will stabilize your roof surface using primabond, followed by a bolstering roof membrane coating which will not only make your roof look great, but also ensure it will serve its intended purpose for many of your future generations.

Terracotta Tile Roof Restoration

Terracotta roof tiles are widely used all over Australia. One of their shortcoming is that they are naturally moist hence they retain a lot of moisture which in turn leads to tremendous moss growth. This changes their exquisite look drastically. With a wide range of terracotta roof repair and maintenance services, we restore them into their premier state. A terracotta tile roof restoration from us will only ensure your house has one of the best roof not only in the neighborhood, but also in the entire country.

Cement Roof Restoration

We can’t run away from the fact that man Australians love the good-looking cement tile roofs. For this reason, our company has come up with effective methods that will transform the fading look of your roof. We know cement tile roofs can lead to unbearable heat conditions inside the house. To help people save energy usage through use of electrified home coolers, we have developed a roof restoration technology that will help reflect heat away from the roof surface. This is a combination of super-block paint and a shield system that will maximize your cooling needs without using billable energy.

Our roof restoration services will add remarkable value to your home, prevent costly repairs in future, and above all, ensure your roof lasts for a lifetime.

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